Developing Ideas Together



First and foremost, shoots at and Mooija-design might be different than what you expect from most photographers. is mostly about experimenting and developing concepts for projects.


In most cases the model will make the shoot in collaboration with the team.

The mood the model is in can not be established beforehand and this is a factor to keep in mind.

Hence, the shoots are about collaboration, harmony and the approval of the model.


Please keep in mind: it is not allowed to edit or publish the photos yourself.

This is clearly stated in the contract that you receive in the case of a possible collaboration.

Because works from an artistic point of view, from the point of shapes, color and expression in general, a lot of attention is paid to the model itself in such a way that personal expression takes the main stage.

A lot of times several shoots may be planned to perfect a concept or give it that extra time it need to fully develop what is needed. A single shoot will generally take around 4 hours.

Clarity, openness, respect, honesty and artistic integrity are the keywords at

We work with the Nikon D800 and 4 studio flash lights plus a variety of commercial and exclusive additional technology, custom backgrounds and props, adapted to the individuality of the model. is dedicated to artistic photography and therefor isn’t involved in bridal photography, lingerie or glamour shoots.

Are you looking for something special, something exclusively adapted to you as a person?

Then we would like to welcome you in our studio (Find the Price of your shoot Here)

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