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Welcome to my Special Page!


I feel honored by to share my storie and porfolio on his website. thank you so very much for that!


As a young woman I always wanted to be a model, because of having a family with childeren there wasn't a possibility for being a model. Several times they aksed me for photoshoots, but my thoughts were that the models I saw were perfect and I had a little spot here and there. I never realized that someone could be so perfect. What I didn't know at that time I know now. I filled my life with work, rasing my childeren, music, sport, dance and so much more hobbies, but being a model always remained my mind.




When I became 52 year a woman told me when she saw a nude beach picture of me on a nude beach of course ;) that I look great for my age and why not "doing something with it". At that time I was seriously thinking about it.

I went searching for a photographer. My first photoshoot was a whole new experience for me and I liked it very much.

When I published some pictures from the photoshoot on Facebook, I received invitations and that was the beginning of a whole new era in my life. And not only as a model. I started a whole new life.



I found my love of my life, no I said it wrong, the energy was it who brought us together.

It was a love of first Messenger and not because of the photography and also not as a model. But like two people who fell in love. isn't Arton without taking pictures and he asked me if I liked it being a model for projects and experimental photoshoots. And of course I liked it and we started working together. At the top, love remains forever and always!


On the website of you can read our story about our new era under "Life Art Project" Blog/Vlog


This special page is also a portfolio of my collaboration with and also other photographers.

Enjoy the pictures on this special page of me and you always can give your comment on the "Life Art Project" Blog/Vlog.


A selection of my photoshoots



Soon will be more pictures to come ..... keep an eye on this Special Page .....


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